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Gift Wrap Your Order

November 13, 2022

Gift Wrap Your Order

We frequently have customers ask if we would include a custom note or special gift wrap to orders being sent as a gift. Of course we always say 'yes'! We LOVE adding a special touch and letting our creativity flow. We make every effort to accommodate our customers, making that gift as special as possible — all while being eco-friendly. We’re proud to say we just made our Gift Wrap Option official and available on our website to all customers! So, you don't have to make any special effort to ask. It's an upgrade to our shopping experience that we're definitely celebrating! 

On our website, you’ll now see the option to “ADD GIFT WRAP TO YOUR ORDER” when adding an item to your Cart. Upon selecting this option, you’ll get a drop-down field to add a personal message. 

We are so excited to officially add this personal touch that helps create a beautiful gift opening experience for the special people in your life.

What Our Gift Wrap Includes:

Handwritten note: we’ll personally handwrite your custom message on a recycled brown craft note. 

Eco-friendly gift wrap: we use only material that can be recycled or reused, whether it’s paper- or fabric-based. We have a variety of wrap to choose from:  colored or black white newsprint like comics, sewing pattern tissue, 100% kraft paper, and remnant eco-wrap from Wrappily. We don’t use tape — instead, we use creative folding techniques, ribbon, and string, most can be reused. 

Note: We can also wrap your gift in fabric from our collection of Furoshiki fabric wraps. Be sure to place it in your cart and indicate in the note that you want us to use it to wrap the gift. 

Gift “garnish”: we frequently top the gift off with an organic “garnish”. If it’s holiday time, that could be something like a dried orange slice, a cinnamon stick, or a festive sprig of evergreen. At other times of the year, it could be a sprig of lavender, or other found object from nature. 

Personal artistic touch: no two gifts are wrapped alike! 

Packing: as with all of our orders, we take extra care in how we pack them to ensure they're protected during shipping and arrive safely to your recipient.

What Our Gift Wrap Won’t Include:

* We never include a packing list or receipt in our gift wrap or non-gift wrapped orders because you receive a digital receipt/packing list via your email. 

• We don’t use traditional wrapping paper. If it’s shiny, has a coated surface, or has a glitter or metallic element, it's paper that’s bonded with plastic and it can’t be recycled.

• We don’t use glitter.

• We don’t use adhesive tape unless it’s absolutely required (but usually not!)

Can I send gifts to multiple people?
Yes, if they're all going to the same address, we can wrap each gift with a name tag. Be sure to tell who gets what gift. If your gifts are going to multiple addresses, you'll need to do a separate order for each address.
Want something special, just let us know.

Why do you charge for gift wrap?
Even though we always take special care in packing your order, when we wrap and label each gift, it takes more time and materials. We believe we've priced our gift wrap option more than fairly. Amazon charges $5.

Here are a few examples of gift wrapped items in the past:

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