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Upcycled Granite Tea Light Holder

Sea Stones 'rescues' granite pieces that would otherwise be discarded to landfills through their partnerships with local countertop makers. Each piece is hand-shaped to the perfect size and height to hold a tea light candle, and finished with a soft pad to protect your surfaces*. The natural color and variation of granite makes each holder unique by design. Make your tea light holder even 'good-er' by using 100% Pure Beeswax Tea Lights

*There is also a small, reclaimed piece of PVC inside the candle holder to lift your candle to the right height. While none of us love PVC, we'd rather see it upcycled in this way rather than head to a landfill. We think you might agree? 


  • Made from reclaimed granite
  • Each is a one-of-a-kind piece
  • Handcrafted in New Hampshire

Each tea light holder is approximately 3" in diameter.

Note: You need a tea light that has a tin or other base because these rings are actually hollowed out all the way through. A soft pad is adhered to the bottom protect your surfaces and make sure your candle doesn't fall through. There is a repurposed ring of PVC to lift your candle to the top ridge of the holder...which means you have to have a tea light with a case otherwise you will melt wax all the way the through. If you prefer 'naked' tea lights like we do, just use a piece of tinfoil. The artisans assure us this is the most eco way of accomplishing this because the PVC is upcycled and the core of the granite is used to make drink cubes. It's a great example of good people making good products by reusing materials that would otherwise go to the landfill. 

New Hampshire, USA.

Sea Stones salvages landfill-bound granite countertop remnants from local fabricators. All of their machines are repurposed from used hydraulic industrial tools and mining equipment so that each piece can be made without water-and-power-intensive edge polishing. The small insert is made from upcycled PVC.

Nature’s enduring forces of sun, wind, rain, and mighty waves provide the materials. Sea Stones brings the human elements of care, compassion, and respect for the environment by creating each unique piece by hand in harmony with nature’s gifts.  

Sea Stones began in 2003 when Anne Johnson and Arra David designed the first product, our Coast Hook, inspired by the uniqueness of each stone and the beauty of hardwood. 15 years, dozens of  products, and literally tons of stone and granite later, the team at Sea Stones works everyday to craft thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly, beautiful items that both solve problems and delight. 

Customer Reviews

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Laura Jonasse (Webster, US)
Thoughtful Gift

Gave as a gift in honor of Earth Day and it was well received. Learning about recycled products such as these unique tea light holders was a welcomed surprise!

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. When we think of these artisans who work to reclaim these granite pieces... to save them from the landfill...then turn them into art, it just makes them shine even brighter.