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DIY Glass Spray Bottle + Black Top

Just Add Your DIY Recipe.

There's not a lot that needs to be said about something this simple. It's an empty GLASS spray bottle. You can replace countless plastic bottles with a single glass bottle. Use it in alongside your All-Purpose Home Cleaner in a second bathroom, or for any DIY recipe you might have (we're looking at you, vinegar and water people!). Trigger spray nozzle includes spray and stream modes.

Write on the glass with a permanent marker its contents, or add a label, to clearly communicate what's inside. If you want to save a few bucks, you might also consider our black nozzle sprayer with mason jar lid to turn any jar into a sprayer.

3 bottle colors available: Clear, Cobalt Blue, and Amber.

Optional protective silicone base (sold separately) keeps your bottle safe from dings and damage, helps prevent slippage on wet surfaces, and minimizes the "clinking" noise every time you set your bottle down. And, it comes in a variety of pretty colors!

Plant Sprayer (H20, neem, food)
DIY Window Cleaner 
DIY Counter Spray
DIY Disinfectant


  • Reduce your dependence on plastic bottles
  • Refillable
  • Use concentrates or make your own cleaners
  • Save money!
  • Glass and nozzle are recyclable
  • Protective silicone base (optional) is PBA free and helps protect the glass from dings and slippage on wet surfaces 

We are unclear where the top and glass are manufactured. We believe the glass is made in the USA and the nozzle in China. Stay tuned.

16 oz. glass bottle and plastic nozzle, both recyclable. If the glass breaks, please reuse the nozzle.

Bottle + spray top: 2.75" w x 8.5" h

Holds up to 16 oz.

Customer Reviews

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Gi Lo (Somerset, US)
Sustainable and Useful Spray Bottle !

Cobalt blue makes this a fun spray bottle when cleaning and the 16oz fl size is generous. The silicone bottom which I purchased separately from the site will prevent cracks and breakage. Glad I found this item here as someone who makes her own natural cleaning solution.

Gi, Thank you for writing in. The blue IS fun! Totally agree. We'd love to know your favorite DIY recipes for cleaners. AND, let us know what kind of silicone sleeve you bought, we're always on the look out for new products, especially if they're tried and true by our customers.