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Balsamic Vinegars

It was never our intent at What's Good to offer food items, however, we love good products and we're crazy for good people brave enough to launch good businesses. In this spirit we offer you a small collection of balsamic vinegars (and oils) from a small business that curates distinctive oils and vinegars sourced directly from California growers.

Presently, we're offering three flavors each in 250 ml (8.45 oz) glass bottle:
  • Traditional Balsamic Vinegar — This is as close to picking an olive off the tree as you can get. We are writing this in December, just a month after being pressed. It's robust, tangy, and reminds you that EVO doesn't have to play a supporting role. This one steals the show. 
  • Fig Balsamic Vinegar — Even if you’re not a fig lover, you’ll enjoy this smooth, nutty flavor. Use to add a finishing touch to a cheese plate, it pairs well with a Gouda or any aged cheddar. Perfect for an extra hint of flavor on salads or drizzled over squash. Really, Fig pairs well with almost everything! 
  • Peach Balsamic Vinegar — If you like peach, you’ll love this balsamic vinegar! Great on top of ice cream or plain yogurt, as a glaze on pork, Chicken or turkey, veggies, fruits or any desserts. Winner of “Best of Show” at the 2010 Fancy Food Show’s SOFI competition. Pairs well with Basil Olive Oil
If your favorite vinegar flavor isn't here, tell us what it is and we'll source it for you!


    • Hand bottled in glass & sealed for freshness
    • No artificial fillers or flavors
    • Sourced directly from growers in California
    • All natural 
    • Delicious
    Balsamic Vinegar; natural fig and peach extracts.

    A recyclable glass bottle with plastic cap and foil wrap.

    Produced in California and hand-bottled in New York.

    While still working a corporate day job, Cosimano & Ferrari's founder, Patrick Cosmano took his lifelong love of quality olive oil and vinegars to the next level by starting his own business. Cosimano & Ferrari is an ode to his mother and father's ancestral names. He jokes that his name is Cosmano because his family lost the 'I" at Ellis Island. Patrick juggled his full-time job and his burgeoning oil business for six years, until it was clear Cosimano & Ferrari needed him to fully focus on bringing us the best oils and vinegars he could find. Today, some 12 years later, Cosimano & Ferrari strives to bring high-quality products from around the globe to our kitchens—in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Cosimano & Ferrari specializes in award winning olive oil and vinegars from U.S. and international boutique growers and producers and is continually searching for olive oils and vinegars with distinctive flavors.

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer (Fairport, US)

    So glad to see you have Cosimano & Ferrari Olive Oil Company products!!! Great company with awesome flavors. Hope you can carry more of their products in the future!!

    Thank you for cheering us and Cosimano & Ferrari on! With so many choices, it's tough to know which ones to stock. What are your favorites? Let us know by writing us via our Contact Us link on the website.