Board Book Garland — Custom!

When we found these clever garlands made from the sturdy pages of baby board books, we had to share them with you! This 
colorful and whimsical garland is one of the best examples of reuse we've found! Select the number of letters needed for your phrase from the drop down below. Please leave the exact spelling of your phrase in the NOTE section at check out.We will confirm via email. You will receive your letters, and enough string to get hangin'. Perfect for creative types, BFFs, work functions, and you-had-to-be-here humor. Choose from all letters in the alphabet, any number, and these symbols #,@, a heart. 
Wash Your Hands
Stay Healthy Stay Home
Go Away We're Quarantined
Thank a Doctor [Nurse, Volunteer, Teacher, etc.]
I am 3 months old today [swap # of months, months for year]
You Rock
Marry Me
Happy Retirement

  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Repurposed board books
  • Handmade
  • Made in the USA in Portland, Oregon
  • Woman Owned

Mass produced, made in China decorations where labor laws and materials are questionable. Plus, this is your opportunity to customize a message... can't get that from the party store!

Each pack contains all the letters, numbers, or symbols you requested, and enough string to hang your message. 

Choose from all letters in the alphabet, any number, and symbols: #,@,and/or a heart. 

Each letter is 4" tall and are no wider than 3".

Your letters will come from the absolute assortment from the hundreds of thousands of board books that cross our work bench and are rescued from the landfill each year.

Compostable see through outer-pack with a recyclable card stock.

Letters punched from sturdy baby board books.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Owned and operated by the husband/wife team of Michelle Sanders & Miguel Salinas, Attic Journals is committed to sustainably offsetting the book discard pipeline by up-cycling as much of the book as possible via their diverse line of gift & decor items made for every day people. 

Having worked in libraries throughout her school-aged years, Michelle became keenly aware of the pipeline to the landfill most discarded books endured. As a native Portlander, where the ethic of recycling is revered, she received formal training in high school and college on the impacts of humans to our planets ecology. With a natural  knack for crafting, she started to investigate and experiment with how to offset the way books were discarded and work on a way to divert them from the landfill.  

Then in 2004, while living on the coast of California, Michelle had a moment of inspiration about the closet full of books she had spared from the dumpster during her library working days. That evening, on her living room floor, Attic Journals and a company committed to innovative engagement with the byproducts of book production was born.

 In 2008, after Michelle had moved home to Portland and began working to grow Attic Journals into a legitimate business, Miguel became a part of the team (and the love of Michelle’s life).

Having been raised in southern Mexico by a mother who is renowned in her region for the mole’ sauces she sells, Miguel was ardently aware of the work ethic and logistics necessary for running a family business. In addition, his work experience in food service, light manufacturing and transportation formed his keen understanding of running a small, efficient production space and allowed him to be innovative in how to do this work in a way that honored the company's environmentally responsible ethos.

In the years since, Attic Journals has evolved into a burgeoning business that works hard to be as sustainable as possible from Portland, Oregon.