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Bold Made™ — Athlete Expansion Pack


If you already have Bold Made and would like to expand the number of great women in your game, this pack is for you. Featuring 20 beautifully illustrated cards with amazing women such as Nadia Comaneci, Althea Gibson, Katrine Switzer, and Lornah Kiplaget. 

Please note, this pack requires the Bold Made core game to to play. 


  • 20 Bold Women Athlete Cards
  • 5 Wild Cards
  • 1 Bold Made Card
  • 2 Instruction Cards
  • Short bios of the Bold Women

BoldMade replaces the outdated and sexist goal of avoiding the Old Maid card with the addition of the Bold Made card. And, it's not about getting stuck with a card. It’s about winning by collecting a team of bold women—past and present. Each woman in the deck has made important contributions to her society and to the world at large. The game is fun, of course, but also a powerful way to help kids find fantastic female role models.

Bold Made was designed to help kids imagine all the different kinds of “great” they could become—-whether it be a Supreme Court Justice like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Prime Minister like Jacinda Ardern, or a game-changing activist like Greta Thurnberg. Add the ATHLETE expansion pack which includes bold woman from sports like Basketball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Soccer, and Track & Field.

More times than not, women’s contributions are sidestepped or misscredited. Let’s celebrate the rich history and accomplishments of women and inspire the next generation of the bold!


  • Celebrates and teaches the rich history & accomplishments of women, instead of perpetuating negative cultural stereotypes.
  • Invented by a woman
  • Illustrated by a woman
  • Multiple ways to play from basic to advanced
  • Fun for kids and adults
BoldMade replaces every Old Maid card deck that has ever been produced. Instead of being stuck with the old, unmarried woman at the end of the game, players strive to build a hand of bold women.


Cardboard box. 

Designed in Seattle, manufactured in China.

Bold Made was created by Alex age 9 (who sold $1m last year with his Kickstarter launched Taco vs Burrito) and his mom Leslie Pierson. After getting tired of hearing his mom complain about how sexist Old Maid is whenever they played, Alex challenged Leslie to make a better version of Old Maid. Together they teamed up and Leslie worked on the base game and Alex made sure the advanced game play was super fun for older kids and adults.

Their company, Hot Taco Inc. Is based in Seattle, Washington.