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Compostable Cling Wrap

Plastic-free. Compostable. Miracle.

What's the hardest plastic product for you to give up? Many of you have told us it's your cling wrap. For you, introducing BPI certified compostable cling wrap made from PLA and Bio-based PBAT. In other words, it's made to naturally biodegrade or can be composted in a home or industrial compost facility*. Pre-perforated 30cm (11.8 inches) sheets keep this packaging plastic free and blade free making the packaging fully compostable and recyclable. 

We still suggest using reusables as much as possible to lower your environmental impact. This cling wrap is ideal for situations when you just can't use reusable. You have lots of reusable choices:
  • 100% Plastic-free
  • Home Compostable
  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Vegan
  • Woman-owned company that gives 1% of all revenue to environmental and social causes, just like us!

Plastic cling wrap.... you don't want petroleum chemicals touching your food, and you certainly don't want it leaching into your ground water. 

Contents: 100 ft x 11.8"
Size: 12” length 
Care: Store your brush bristle side down to ensure the wood dries. 

Unbleached kraft paper box. Please compost or recycle.

PLA and bio based PBAT.

Check with your local municipal compost facility to see what they accept. 

While this product is made in China, we are confident in its production because this woman-owned Chicago business is led by a woman who spent 10 years in China, working with manufacturers who share her commitment to people and planet. 

From Zefiro: It’s not about being perfect. Nobody is. It’s about being conscious that our actions matter. What we buy matters. What we waste matters. What we send to the landfill matters. What ends up in our oceans and ends up in our fish, matters. Every small step we take, makes a difference.

We’ve all become aware that we need to recycle but we need to start shifting our perspective to reducing and reusing before we think about recycling!
That's why Zefiro's mission is to help us reduce and reuse by offering products that are free of unnecessary packaging, minimize single use waste and are safe for both us and the planet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
MC Mundrick (Honeoye, US)
love it but messy1

love the Cling Wrap but cutting it can be a challenge……i’ve practiced a technique keeping a scissors handy and be “ready to apply’ so I dont mess it up much anymore

You're right, this cling works great, but it does have a little learning curve because it's soooo clingy. They opted, for eco reasons, not to build the box with that little metal cutter, instead it's perforated every 12' or so. Thanks so much for your feedback!

Robert S (Livingston, US)
Not easy to use

Has a cardboard cutter which makes it difficult to tear. Also does not roll out smoothly.

Robert, in our history we've only received one other 3 star review, but it's important to get feedback and understand what works and doesn't work. Thank you. The manufacturer opted for perforating the cling every foot or so instead of adding metal to the packaging. It's always a balance, right?