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Charlie's Soap® Laundry Powder Packets (30 count)

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You won’t trade convenience for clean when you toss a single-dose Laundry Powder Packet in the wash tub. There’s no clumsy measuring or spills. Each biodegradable packet dissolves quickly in water, not in your hands. Its non-toxic formula keeps families safe, as its hypoallergenic formula keeps clothes soft. Your wash rinses clean, as the septic-safe formula keeps your HE washing machine clean and running smoothly.

  • ONE PACKET, ONE WASH - No clumsy measuring and no spills are needed for clean, soft, fresh smelling laundry SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - Cleans all fabric types and helps prevent color fading, keeping your clothes looking brand new
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – Fragrance free formula ideal for those with sensitive skin, containing no brighteners, perfumes, or fillers
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Non-toxic packets are made from natural ingredients and are safe for the environment
  • SEPTIC SAFE - Dissolves quickly in water and rinses clean while keeping HE machines clean. 
  • KID SAFE - Packets do not look like candy
  • TRAVELS EASY - Going away on a trip, tuck a packet in your suitcase. You can wash clothes in the tub or resident washer/dryer. 
Quantity: 30 packets per pouch = 30 loads.

Suggested Use: One packet tossed into the washing machine tub before adding clothes will clean most large loads. For those extra dirty loads, you can add an extra packet for a more powerful clean.  

HE Washer Tip: Many HE washers can clean with less water than traditional top-loading washers. Charlie’s Soap is perfect for them. However, some HE machines are inefficient with use of lower levels of water and thus need a little help.
• Leave washer on the Heavy Soil setting for extra agitation. 
• If your washer rarely uses enough water, use the Bulky cycle or add a wet towel to the wash.
• Add Charlie’s Soap directly to the clothes - into the tub instead of through the dispenser. Be sure the washer doesn’t drain the drum before starting its wash cycle.
• Double rinse.
• As with all front loaders, leave door open to prevent odor. 

All liquid detergents (why ship water?), non-biodegradable liquid or powder detergents.

Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda), C12-15 Pareth-2 (Detergent), Sodium Metasilicate (Drying Agent). Packet: Cellulose Gum.

Currently, a #7, plastic zipper pouch holds 30 packets. Our hope is that Charlie's Soaps will switch back to kraft paper bags. 

Made in the USA

Charlie’s Soap products surpass thresholds for “ultimate biodegradation.” SGS US Testing Labs results prove Charlie’s Soap is highly effective; Japan Food Research Labs and Situ Biosciences, LLC certifies our products have a low environmental impact.

Three words sum up what Charlie's Soap company believes: 

Sustainability. Charlie's Soap was green before green was cool. Their products have always been biodegradable and made with natural mineral ingredients. And, they promise to you is that they always will be. 

Family. No one in this world matters more, and nothing can convince Charlie's Soap otherwise. That’s why family ownership and leadership is a hallmark of Charlie’s Soap. We believe in making detergents that are good enough for the most precious people in your life. Anything less than the best won’t cut it.

The Charlie’s Soap Mission: Charlie's Soap is devoted to producing high-quality, biodegradable, sustainable, and hypoallergenic detergents. Adherence to real science is essential in the production of eco-friendly products. Continued research ensures Charlie’s Soap is safe for the environment and users

Efficacy. Charlie’s Soap is tough on stains, yet gentle on sensitive skin. The secret is in the science! Charlie's Soap natural formulas are free of the perfumes and dyes found in other detergents.