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Eco-friendly Compost Bin


No more hiding under the sink. This aesthetically pleasing compost bucket is molded from natural materials: plant fiber, cornstarch and melamine. Yet, still durable enough to handle your dishwasher. And if you're slow to fill it, it works in your refrigerator, too. The smooth matte graphite or natural finish and simple profile make it a chic addition to your kitchen. And because it comes with two charcoal filters, there's no smell. Save $ by adding in the extra charcoal pack, see options below. If you prefer a bag to keep your bin clean, try this 3 gallon compostable bag. or this one.

New to composting? You'll want this book, too: "Home Composting Made Easy."


  • Phthlate, BPA, lead and latex free. 
  • Made primarily from bamboo powder
  • Sustainable harvested
  • Biodegradable
  • Dishwasher & Refrigerator Safe

Dimensions: 8" X 6.5" X 9"
Capacity: 4 quarts
Care & Maintenance: Dishwasher safe, though we don't recommend the microwave.

The manufacturing of these bins emits 1/5 of the greenhouse gases of traditional plastics in manufacturing.

Bamboozle repurposed machines used for traditional plastics to make a responsible material. Ensuring the same machines will be used for decades to come.

Recyclable craft paper box.

Made primarily from excess, sustainably harvested bamboo, turned into powder.

Unfortunately, this is one of those great products from an innovative company that has chosen to manufacture in China. The company sees this as a plus, because the raw ingredients are there, requiring less miles traveled from source to manufacture, and thereby not shipping waste. 

Bamboozle aims to merge nature and design at your dinner table, cocktail party, and in the kitchen. Clean modern lines combined with organic shapes, sophisticated colors, and subtle texture adds to the fusion of nature and modern refinement. Our broad selection of products give customers a wide range of items to suit their tastes and lifestyle. 

Our mission is to bring a unique perspective to the market with products that are practical, affordable, and beautifully designed. Bamboozle's collection is not only fashionable, it is a sensible and convenient step towards green living. With Bamboozle you no longer have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

We are committed to delivering quality products with the least impact on the planet and its people. To meet this commitment, all of our items are made from reclaimed, renewable, and biodegradable materials.

Bamboozle is passionate about making products with a purpose. We strive to inspire others to make a positive impact by choosing to use products that respect the environment.

Customer Reviews

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SLB (Rochester, US)
functional and more

I really like how this counter-top composter works and looks! It's big enough that I don't have to make too many trips outside to my big compost bin, but not too big that it takes up too much room in the kitchen. It also looks really nice, which is important since it's sitting out on the counter. Previously, we used a DIY compost bucket that we made out of a big plastic Folgers Coffee container that I snagged from the office. It was easy enough to make, but it was ugly, and plastic, so I kept it under the sink. That was fine, but this is better because it's much more convenient now that it's out on the counter, and it's made of Bamboo so it's sustainable and attractive. It's also really sturdy, so it holds up well to my daily banging the coffee grounds out of our stove-top espresso maker. And, the charcoal filter keeps the odor and the little gnats inside the composter and out of my kitchen.

Thank YOU for sharing your experience with our products. We really appreciate getting customer perspectives. One tip, if you don't fill it up fast or you have fruit flies, you can even store it in the fridge.