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Grapefruit Castile Soap

Yet Another Reason to Love Grapefruit. 
It seems every day someone is extolling the benefits of grapefruit. So it just made sense to pair this super fruit with a super soap. Whether you use it in shower or in your hand soap or dish soap dispenser, or in your DIY surface spray, it'll get he job done. And thanks to all natural essential oils, the fragrance is delightfully subtle. 


• 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
• No plastic bottles
• Vegan
• No added dyes or chemical fragrances
• Biodegradable, Lake and Stream Friendly
• Non-Toxic
• Made in Rochester, New York USA


Non-eco, liquid hand soap, body wash, dishwashing liquid, harsh cleaners, and more.

Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Distilled Water, Grapefruit Essential Oils

Clear glass bottle (perfect for reusing for a flower vase), or bringing into our shop to refill.

Manufactured in Rochester, NY from US sourced materials.

Weslee Rose is a female-owned, family business founded on natural, organic products that help people live healthier lives while doing less harm to the planet.

Customer Reviews

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Marinela (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Overall many good ideas, but not the best shower gel replacement

I wanted to try this soap as a plastic-free replacement for shower gel, as I don't like the dry feeling soap leaves on my skin. Well, this liquid soap does exactly the same thing, so if that doesn't bother you it might not be an issue, for me it was disappointing. Also, I found it quite difficult to get small amounts of soap out of the bottle because the opening is so big, and because it is pretty runny, it's very hard not to waste it. Again, might not be a problem if you want to use it for something else. I love the plastic free bottle though, the minimalist packaging and the smell is really nice!

P.S. I also want to give it up for the What's Good team who sent a really sweet welcoming package!!!

Thank you for being honest about your experience with Castile Soap. An alternative might be a bar soap, non-castile? As we say, there are many shades of green, so this soap may be great for some and just not right for skin type. If you want to keep using it in the shower, I'd suggest putting a pump on the bottle or repurpose another bottle with a pump and try that. The Good News is that you can use it for hand soap, laundry, general cleaning and more. So if you stop using it in the bath, you'll be able to get value from your purchase. Still, we're sorry it didn't work as you had hoped! We'll keep our eyes open for another liquid alternative, too. Thanks too for taking the time to write in.