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Handmade Drying Rack for Bags & Rags & Bottles

Here's an easy way to reduce plastic in your life: just reuse the bags you already have. No reason to toss them. And, as you invest in reusable, non-plastic bags, you can dry them here, too. This handsome rack allows you to dry up to eight items OR 6 water bottles at once. And since there are 4 long dowels and 4 short dowels, it's great for all sizes of stuff... sandwich bags, water bottles, unpaper towels, cleaning clothsbeeswax wraps, silicone toppers, food huggers, pastry and icing bags, and more.

This all-hardwood, handmade drying rack features a mountain-shaped divider, inspired by Mauna Loa in the artist's home state of Hawai'i. It's lovely to look at, but also functional: Just hook a ziplock-style freezer bag between the divider and a dowel or two and the bag stays open and off the counter, making for a faster drying time. 

  • Reuse plastic bags and non-plastic bags (saves $ & the planet)
  • Dry beeswax wraps, water bottles, silicon toppers
  • Rubber bumpers on bottom protect your counter
  • Easy to breakdown and store
  • They work, over 2,000 sold! 
  • Your purchase supports an artist doing good
  • Made by a talented hand in Washington, USA

Big and bulky racks; plastic racks. And, of course, the obvious... buying more plastic bags. When you commit to reusing and then start to invest in reusable options, you reduce landfill waste, you eliminate the amount of food you eat that touches plastic, and you save money. 

This rack includes a base complete with bottom bumpers to protect your counter, and 8 dowels which you can mix and match in any pattern that pleases you. The SHORT dowels are  ~8” and work great for for quart-size bags or water bottles and the LONG dowels are ~12” and work great for gallon-size bags and beeswax wraps.

Tip to not tip:
Holds up to 6 water bottles, too! Must have at least one on each side to keep rack from tipping over. Use SHORT dowels only for bottles - the long dowels hold the bottle up too high causing the rack to tip over.

Hardwoods + eco friendly, food-safe finish + rubber bumpers on bottom.


Made in Washington, USA.

Arcadia Woodworks, owned by Charlie Walsh, describes where the idea for this stylized take on the practical drying rack came to be. 

"This ziplock plastic bag drying rack is one small attempt to reduce unnecessary waste. Before I retired, I taught elementary school and I loved it. Except for lunchtime. Watching students throw brand new ziplock bags away—hundreds a week—made me a bit crazy. I showed my students my used, but durable, ziplock freezer bags and how they had been washed and reused daily. We talked about landfills and how plastic doesn’t break down. “Join me!” I challenged my students. “Wash, dry, reuse your bags, and reduce landfill waste!” Some actually did.

Please join the over 2000 customers who have taken up the challenge. Wash, dry, reuse your bags, and see how long YOU can make them last. Thanks for making a difference."