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Holiday Note Cards 4-Pack — Cardinal

We see cardinals all year long in Upstate New York, however, it's their winter presence that symbolizes the holiday season, ringing in hope and joy. Maybe because their vibrant color contrasts the snow and brightens dreary days. Or maybe it's their resilience, forging onward despite the cold. Others believe cardinals are special because they're actually our loved ones who have passed checking in on you from the other side. 

Whatever cardinals bring to you, we can agree that Sally Weiss captured the magic of the cardinal with her signature bold-stroke painting style. Perfect for sending seasons greetings for the holidays or just because. This limited-edition set includes 4, 5" X 7" blank cards printed on 20% recycled premium paper in the USA. The quality of this card, and beauty of this painting is worthy of your dear ones — and, we believe, a frame. 

Four white envelopes are included in this premium 4-pack. 

Before you balk at the price, understand what you pay for a Hallmark card in the grocery store... somewhere around $6! This is real art, not mass-produced, but lovingly crafted and printed with care for less than $5 a card.

Sally Weiss is a painter living in Rochester, NY, working primarily in acrylics. She has always loved creating in many different forms – drawing, stained glass, pottery, interior design, gardening, and cooking. Flowers and dogs are among her favorite topics to paint.  

“I feel very lucky to have grown up in a beautiful town in northern Michigan just blocks away from Lake Michigan. Fresh water, wide-open beaches with sand dunes, expansive forests and rolling farm fields surrounded the area.

In addition, both of my parents loved to garden. They had a magical touch and transformed our backyard into a flower-filled oasis. 

All of this instilled in me a fascination and appreciation of nature.  I grew into a gardener myself and am continually amazed at the miracle of spring after a cold, snowy winter.

Bright, bold paintings are my way of sharing the joy of nature.”

Commissions and originals available.