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  • Lomi Kitchen Countertop Composter

    Father's Day Sale!

    Transform food scraps into nutrient-rich compost in a matter of hours.

    Lomi (by Pela) is a must-have home appliance for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their environment without stressing over smelly compost. This revolutionary kitchen appliance turns food waste into nutrient rich fertilizer in as little as four hours.

    Composting the old-fashioned way is slow, messy, time-consuming, and requires significant outdoor space. Lomi solves all of those problems with a click of a button. Simply place your food scraps, coffee grounds, and other approved products into the basin, and push the button.  Your Lomi will work its magic to break down your food waste in just a few hours, creating nutrient-rich compost that you can use in your plants and gardens.

    The Lomi also works great in conjunction with your backyard compost. Why? For starters, no fruit flies or stinky smells or messy bins, but more important, Lomi dirt won't attract critters to your compost pile. And in the winter, when you don't want to trek all the way to your bin, you can accumulate your Lomi dirt in your garage or other area without threat of critters. 

    Available for pick up in our store and direct ship everywhere else. Not eligible for What's Good special discount codes (says Lomi, sorry about this).


    • Save $ by reducing the amount of garbage you produce
    • Reduce or eliminates food scraps going to landfills
    • Reduces odor in your trash  (no food scraps!)  
    • Easy to use
    • Odor-free, mess-free, and pest-free
    • Compact, quiet, and fast
    • Lomi accepts nearly everything EXCEPT hard bones, fruit pits...(details below)
    • Includes starter kit with LomiPods and Lomi Charcoal Filters
    • Carbon neutral company
    • 1 Year Happiness Guarantee

    Contents of Box:
    1 Lomi with bucket and lid
    2 Filter Packs
    1  Pack of Lomi Pods 

    Dimensions: 16.3″ x 20.1″ x 15.2″
    Capacity: 2 liters
    Waste Volume Reduction: -80%
    Weight: 22 lbs
    Noise level: <60DB

    Eco-Express — 3–5 hours (0.5 kWh)
    Lomi Approved — 5–8 hours (0.6 kWh)
    Grow — 16 –20 hours (1kWh)

    Care & Maintenance: You'll want to see the instruction manual for details, but basically you can wipe the exterior with a damp cloth, and bucket can be handwashed or placed in the dishwasher.

    Fruit & veggie scraps
    Food left overs
    Meat scraps
    Soft bones (like fish)
    Soft shells (like shrimp and eggs)
    Coffee Filters, grounds, tea bags
    Soft peels
    Rinds (watermelon, melon)
    Starches (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes...)
    Dairy Products
    Plants, flowers, etc.
    Yard trimmings

    Hard bones (chicken, beef, etc.)
    Cooking oils, grease, liquids
    Fruit pits (avocado, mango, stone fruits)
    Lined bags (chip, cookie, pet food)
    Soiled diapers, wipes, hygiene products
    Metal, plastic, glass
    Foil wrap
    Produce netting
    Pet Waste

    Using a Lomi for a year can help prevent emissions that are the equivalent of:
    -Powering a gasoline car for 576 miles
    -Burning 257 pounds of coal
    -Charging a smartphone 28,221 times

    43% of food waste in the U.S. happens at the household level.
    That’s the equivalent of $165 Billion or around $2000 per family every year. That’s a lot of methane. When a household runs all their food waste through Lomi, the methane that would have been produced in a landfill decreases to zero.

    127% reduction of your carbon footprint by using a Lomi... compared with throwing your waste in a landfill. How? Lomi earth is rich in organic matter and organic carbon. Typically, food waste breaks down in landfills anaerobically and releases methane, a greenhouse gas with 80x the warming power of carbon dioxide. When Lomi earth is used in combination with soil to grow plants, these nutrients are broken down by microorganisms to help feed plants. Nutrients like carbon get stored in plant matter instead of released as carbon dioxide.

    Cardboard box, with crushed molded paper board, biodegradable bag (yes it can go in the Lomi).

    Unfortunately, this is one of those great products from an innovative company that has chosen to manufacture in China. Lomi was designed in Canada. 

    Lomi is a team of innovators designing waste out of the human experience. We’re on a mission to leave the planet better than how we found it by eliminating more than 10 Billion pounds of waste.

    Lomi is owned by Pela, an international sustainable company that makes everyday products without everyday waste. Their lineup includes the world’s first compostable phone cases, smartwatch bands, AirPods cases, and more. Pela’s products are made of environmentally sensible and 100% compostable materials, like Flax shive and a plant based biopolymer, created and manufactured by the company. Backed by investors such as Jay-Z and Jay Brown, their mission is to inspire companies and consumers to take responsibility for their products and carbon footprint.

    Pela is Climate Neutral Certified and a Certified B Corporation.

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