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Mason Ball Jar — 16oz Wide Mouth Nesting

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End All Be All Ball Jar.

There is something special about this 16 oz. WIDE mouth, nesting jar... First, it nests within other wide mouth jars saving you valuable cupboard space. Next, and maybe most important, is it'll fit in cars where 'normal' mason jars don't. Because it's versatile, you still use it for pantry storage, for liquid soap, for drinks (hot and cold), and for our tooth brush holder. It comes with a traditional metal band and top, however, we think you'll find our accessory lids more useful:

  • Wood Top for storage
  • Wood Top with Hole for drinking straw
  • Metal Top with Silicone Stopper for drinks that don't spill
  • Pump Top for liquid soaps (hand soaps, dish washing soap)
  • Metal Top for holding toothbrushes and paste

NOTE: We're not really in the business of selling mason jars for canning because we know you can buy cases at your local big box store. HOWEVER, sometimes you only want to buy one or two, especially when you're gifting one of our lid tops or straws to someone special.


  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • BPA Free
  • Plastic-free
  • Made in the USA

Single-use plastic cups, styrofoam coffee cups, plastic water bottles, plastic spray bottles, plastic film bags that many pantry items come in.

Dimensions: 16oz Wide Mouth Nesting Jar
5.5" H, 3.5" W

Glass & Metal


Made in Atlanta, GA USA.

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Customer Reviews

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Karissa (San Diego, US)
Incredible company!

I’m so thrilled to have discovered this company. What an amazing line of products! Lots of unique and clever items as well. I especially love how easy it is to get information from their online shop. All of the info about their products (materials, origin, how they’re made etc) are very clearly stated. They are extremely transparent and I feel confident that they’ve done the research on everything they sell. I just received my first order and there were free samples included and a personalized note - those extra touches are so lovely as well. I am so excited to continue to support this wonderful, woman-owned small business!

Wow. We are so pleased you feel this way. We promise to do all we can to live up to this high praise. Thank you!