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Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser Top | Regular or Wide Mouth

Any Jar Can Be A Foaming Soap Dispenser.

How many plastic soap or lotion bottles do you have in your house? It's expensive to you and to the environment to buy single use soap pumps. Save money when you use this reusable FOAM pump to create a hand soap or dishwashing  Use any of our castile soaps to fill it. Or make your own. 

This Jarmazing foaming soap dispenser easily converts any regular mouth  or wide mouth mason jar into a beautiful bath and kitchen accessory. This dispenser will look great in your home, whether you're decorating a farmhouse, a country cabin, or city condo. 

You can use this dispenser with any brand of foaming soap, or easily make your own by mixing non-gel liquid soap, such as castile soap or natural dish soap, with water. Less is more! We find that between 5 and 10 parts water per unit of soap works best.


  • Reusable — over and over again
  • Versatile — Can be used without mason jar adaptor lid
  • Adaptable — Trim the tube for shorter jars, or leave long
  • Works with any foaming soap, or create your own
  • Durable — Rust-free plastic (sorry) components that are BPA free
  • Easy to clean exterior and components
  • Comes with "Foaming Soap" stickers
  • Assembled in Freeville, New York using global components

Want to check if your jar is compatible?

Regular Mouth — Simply measure the top of your canning jar. If it's 2.5 inches, you've got a regular mouth (aka small mouth) jar, and the regular lid will fit.

Wide Mouth —  Simply measure the top of your canning jar. If it's 3 inches, you've got a wide mouth jar, and this lid will fit. 

TIP! You can separate the wide or regular mouth component and just use the top dispenser for matching jars.

With an extra-long dip tube and standard threading, the foaming pump works with most vintage and contemporary jars, including half-pint, pint, and quart jars. Compatible brands include Ball, Kerr, Kilner, Golden Harvest, as well as countless unbranded jars on supermarket shelves. Simply trim the tube with scissors so it just touches the bottom of your jar.

The package includes:
2 mason jar adapter lid
2 foaming soap dispenser
4 pack of waterproof vinyl stickers

Single use, disposable foaming soap hand soap bottles. 

Unlike Jarmazing's regular soap tops which are made from stainless steel, they took a turn and made these out of plastic. (Big sigh here.) We chose to offer these despite this because they promote reuse, concentrated soaps, and DIY. 

Kraft paper. Please recycle.

Products are assembled in Freeville, New York using global components.

Since 2015, Jarmazing has been creating beautiful accessories for your home and office. From stainless steel mason jar soap dispensers to glass spray bottles, all the designs in our line are built to last, and are assembled in our studio in Freeville, New York. We use only the highest quality materials, bringing a touch of beauty to your life. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Deborah Karel (Stratford, US)
Such a great idea!

Pump works perfectly, easy to keep the jar clean, and fun to create different scents for kitchen, bath etc.

Thank you for taking the time to write in. Who would have thought that foaming soap dispensers could make such a difference!

Christianne (Rochester, US)
So charming!

So versatile!

Right! Use it with a mason jar or a regular glass jar. :) Thank you for the review!