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Natural Okra Eco-Scrubby

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No-Scratch. Multi-use Scrubber.
This 100% okra vegetable fiber scrubby pad is tough enough to clean grime and baked on messes, yet it won't scratch non-stick surfaces or your hands. Use it on pots, pans, glassware, dishes, cooktops, grout, counters and even on yourself in the bath or shower. 

100% Okra fiber
100% Compostable & Biodegradable
Never Rusts or Stains Surfaces
Won't Scratch Non-Stick Surfaces
Easy on Your Hands

Each pack has 2 pads, each 2.5" X 4". 


Microfiber and other synthetic sponges and scrubbers. Here's an excerpt from DuraFresh®:

Every time we use a synthetic, especially in a cleaning application, the plastic filaments mechanically break down. However, those micro-particles do not biodegrade. After decades of living in a “plastic” era, we are just beginning to realize that this manmade micro-waste has been infiltrating every aspect of our living. According to UC Davis researchers, the stomach contents of nearly a quarter of the fish sold at a California fish market were carrying some sort of un-natural material, with more than three quarters of that being a buildup of plastic. Sea life, wild life and humans are ingesting this material at increasing rates, with only more time to tell what the net effect has been, or will be…  Until then, we are reminded that there is always a better, smarter and more responsible choice.  In today’s information age, we can quickly discover thoughtful products which accomplish all of the fundamental goals of promoting healthier living for an improved eco-sustainable future. 

100% okra (vegetable) fiber.

Paperboard wrap; please recycle.

Made in Maine using material from China.

GlobEcoMaine is dedicated to producing sustainable, high-performing products that promote healthier living, environmental responsibility and consumer value. The company has a strong foundation of science and innovation, with over 24 years of experience in advanced materials development and a concentration in viscose rayon (wood) fiber development. GloveEcoMaine donates a portion of their profits to organizations that support special needs communities and environmental causes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gi Lo (Somerset, US)
Work Horse of a Sponge

After "breaking in" the sponge, it easily cleans dirty dishes, bowls, and cups. It took a few uses before the sponge lost its stiffness. I use the sponge with an eco-friendly dishwashing soap block, and have been able to extend the life and amount of the soap block due to the sponge not sopping up a ton of it. I use one side of the sponge to remove stubborn residue, and turn it over to use as the final wash and clean. The sponge is a decent size and is still holding up very well without deteriorating or shedding fibers. Great investment!

Anonymous (Brooklyn, US)
One sponge less flexible but still great

This sponge has worked well for me! For some reason one in the two pack is not as flexible than the other. I’m not sure if that was intentional. But the other one is great. Soft to the touch as well and brings joy to washing my dishes.

This is the first time we've heard of differences between the pair, it's not intentional. We recommend this less as a sponge and more of a scrubber but we're glad it's working for your dishes! Please reach out to us via email should the stiff one not work for you, we want you to be happy, happy, happy.