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Recycled Cotton Grocery Shopping Bags

Whatever you want to call it, it is an awesome bag. And because it's recycled cotton, it consumes less water to manufacture than cotton or organic cotton. These are not the monogrammed heavy totes of your LLBEAN youth; these are sturdy, large, and surprisingly light weight. Use them for shopping, beach going, library book carrying, and whatever else you lug around. And when it's not full, it folds up small. Available in two colors: Black and Natural, noting that the black bag has a 3" bottom and the natural has a 7". Both sport our message on one side. 



Reduces Landfill Waste: made from post-industrial fibers 

Durable: All seams and stress points are double stitched

Comfortable: long handles for shoulder carrying

Capacity: Can hold more than a full grocery bag

Convenient: Folds neatly to fit in a small spaces

The obvious... plastic and/or paper bags. And, the not-so-obvious reusable plastic and poly bags that are reusable (that's good), however, they're made of the not so good stuff. As we say, there are many shades of green. 

Bag Size: 19"W x 15.5"H x 7.5" Gusset (Bottom)
Handle Size: 1"W x 9.75" Drop Length
Material Weight: 10 oz
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, hang dry

Bag Size: 16"W x 15.5"H x 3"Gusset (Bottom)
Handle Size: 1"W x 10"Drop Length
Material Weight: 5 oz
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, hang dry

Post Industrial recycled cotton fibers.All fabric dyes are azo free.

Made in India (fair trade/fair wage, see certifications below).


The SA8000 is the worlds first audit-able social certification standard. By complying with the SA8000 we protect the basic human rights of workers.

GOTS—All of our organic goods are third party certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), meaning our organic cotton not only meets high-level environmental & supply chain certifications but also complies with all social criteria.

Since ECOBAGS began in 1989, all products are and have been made in socially responsible environments. Our primary production partners in India have always shared our vision of an engaged and sustainable work environment. They offer competitive compensation, extended health coverage, retirement benefits, pension plans (under government programs), vacations and holidays; going well beyond local labor requirements. Our CEO and Founder, Sharon Rowe, travels to India regularly and, over the 25+ years, has created lifelong relationships.

With CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), getting so much media play it's important to hold certifications that are reviewed and recognized, internationally, by third party agencies.

Our supply chain for organic fibers (no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers) is certified through GOTS. Our supply chain for recycled & conventional fibers, is certified by SA-8000. Our certifications are recognized internationally and cover operational and social workplace accountability.

We introduced certified organic cotton (1996) and recycled cotton (2004) to our line long before there was awareness or a market for them. We knew it was the right direction to go in. Our recycled fibers are post industrial, keeping waste out of landfill. All fabric dyes are azo free and all screen-print inks are non toxic to both humans and the environment. We know that conventional cotton has a negative environmental impact. We are working to transition all of our products to organic and recycled fibers.

When we produce in the USA and China we make sure all practices and policies are in full compliance (labor, materials and environment). To date we have used SGS as our third party certifier on projects.

We are a certified BCorporation which means that all of our certifications and processes are reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, we support the Sierra Club, Hudson River ClearWater, Riverkeeper,  and Algalita.