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Organic Face Masks — Charcoal/Blue


These two-layer face masks are unique not just because they're made in the USA or because you'll breath through organic material, but because they're made with ties, not elastic, they can be custom fit to your face by tying the top and lower ties to your liking. But that's not all... they're reversible. Okay, one more cool thing: They're premium-made by professional sewists. (That's not to say there's anything wrong with those who have dusted off their machines to add to the cause, they rock, too, we just figure you like to know who is making your stuff.). 

We have 4 color choices, in four sizes, in limited quantities. Send us a note if your favorite is gone before you get to it. We can restock within 4 days-ish. 

  • Extra small is for kids.
  • Small is for teens, tweens, and small women.
  • Medium is for average women and small men.  
  • Large is for men.

Scroll through our photos for measurement references. Also for reference, Colette, in the pic is wearing a medium. She is about 5'5" and 135 lbs. And before you ask, we don't have that pattern in stock. :)

  • Organic  Material
  • Vegan ties ensure a perfect fit
  • Reversible
  • Non-toxic & Non-GMO
  • Machine washable (we recommend line drying)
  • Made in Ohio, USA 
  • Woman-owned Business

We do not make any claims about effectiveness or warrant any effectiveness of the masks to protect someone from contagions. In order to determine whether you believe fabric masks are the kind of masks that you would like to use for your intended purpose please engage in your own research and draw your own conclusions. We recommend reviewing the *current* CDC guidelines if you are in doubt.

Please note that because of hygiene issues the masks cannot be exchanged or returned. All sales are final. Thank you for understanding.

This is our kind of business. What's Good fell in love with Urban Baby Bonnets A.K.A. UB2 immediately. Woman-owned by a super-smart, eco-minded (the PHD in green to prove it), altruistic mom who created a business that she loves. A business that provides employment for other smart and talented women who work from home. And if that wasn't enough, UB2 gives at least 10% back to environmental and social causes.

Here's their blurb:

Our social commitment can be seen in our manufacturing practices, and in the organizations we support each year with cash and product donations.  Our sewists are all work-at-home women and they're paid a fair, living wage for the work they do.  And this was part of our company policy before doing so was "cool." Yes, our products might cost a little more than something sewn overseas, but our quality can't be beat and when you choose UB2 you know that your money is supporting products that are handmade in the usa.  Be proud to keep your cash here in the US!

We WILL make the world a better place.