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Say It! Bracelet

Upcycled Materials. Bold Statement.

If being a little brazen is in your DNA or you just need a little sass in your day, these won't disappoint. But if these bold bracelets aren't for you, no worries. Here's what we think:

At the peak of the 2020 chaos, a dear friend gifted one of these handmade bracelets to me for two reasons: She knew how committed I am to finding items made from "rescued" materials — and we were both fed up with Covid and politics. 

My funky bracelet from The House of Throckmorton Jones fast became my favorite accessory. Everywhere I go women AND men ask me where they can get one. You'll get asked about yours, too. That's what happens when a real fashion designer, one who's worked with the greats, designs a one-of-kind cuff for you. One part audacity, one part fashion — crafted in the highest quality using rescued materials. 

It pairs well with other bracelets and cuffs, which come in handy if your grandma pops in... simply use them as camouflage.

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Throckmorton Jone's founder and lead designer, Lisa Jones. As eco-minded female entrepreneurs we found lots to talk about. We both agreed that as fresh as these words are, they transcend the shock and sass.

Words are powerful, especially when YOU own them. I wear my F*** bracelet on days when I need the extra oomph—and on days when I already feel like a rock star. One glance and I'm reminded of my strength. Sometimes it's an exasperated "F***!" that simply reminds me we are living in emotional times and that I need to be kinder to myself and others. Other times it's a call to arms, let's get it done sort of "F***!"

But what about the other word? Ladies, you know the word I'm talking about. Why make a bracelet with a word that's often considered the penultimate vulgarity? Simple, if words are power, with a simple perspective switch, we can choose to own this word. Let's dig deeper. In other countries it's a gateway swear word used by men and women alike. In the USA its meaning is twofold, it describes the very part that defines our femininity (which should be celebrated) and at its worst, it's used to put women down. You see the disconnect? From now on, I will own this word, and lift it. No one, not anyone, can use this word around me in a pejorative way because it's mine now. 


  • Made from rescued materials that would otherwise go to a landfill
  • Speaks your mind
  • Made for all pronouns
  • Premium quality
  • Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Woman-owned business


Various Widths: 1/2", 3/4", and 1" widths. 
These are handmade, and each will vary slightly. We measured these sizes from the fastener to the hole
Small: 6 – 6.5"
Medium: 7 - 7.5"
Large: 8 – 8.5"

Made by hand in California, USA.

Reclaimed remnant leather and metal bits.

Throckmorton Jones is a woman-owned, fashion art brand, founded in 2014 in Northern California. Their collections are innovative, unexpected and getting people talking. 

Lisa and her team create unique & exceptionally designed pieces that help you express your authentic personal style so you can live in your best flow.

Throckmorton Jones give you an alternative to trendy fast fashion. There is attention in every detail, beautiful rich textures, unusual materials, sustainable sourcing, eco-friendly production and ethical business practices. 

They partner with independent artists, suppliers and service providers to amplify unique style and share the economic growth, donating material and hardware we cannot use to charities and individual artists.

Throckmorton Jone's brand loyalists are a blend of unique personal style, savvy mindset and passion for quality, globally aware and taking action to make an impact with their buying power.

Throckmorton Jones is the place you can find the unique pieces that help you stand out, to be remembered.  

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