Flip Cap for Liberty Water Bottles

This little flip top is a made for your Liberty water bottle. Lightweight and yet sturdy enough to clip to or store in your backpack or yoga bag without leaking. BPA-free and Made in the USA. Fits 12 oz., 24 oz., and 32 oz. Liberty Aluminum Bottles. Note: the 12 oz. bottle sold here comes with flip top. AND we decided against plastic straws, so you can either add your own straw (hopefully you have a reusable) or simply tilt the bottle to drink... both work. :)



  • American-made using USA sourced materials
  • BPA-Free
  • Food-Grade Materials
  • Recyclable Materials
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fits 12, 24, 32 oz. Liberty Water Bottles

BPA-free #5 plastic. 

It ships naked!

Made 100% in the USA—in Union Gap, WA.

Caps are made from #5 plastic and can also be recycled. 

Liberty® Works started with a love for metal water bottles. Through the years, we lugged them up mountains, down canyons, and even chased a few down rivers. We thought that with the manufacturing capabilities and materials available in the US, we should be able to create bottles here—providing local jobs, supporting American suppliers, and operating in a clean facility that we know is safe for our health and environment. So, in 2010 we set out to do it right. We founded Liberty on the idea that an American-made product can make an impact globally. We started using recyclable materials as well as recycling nearly all of our waste. We hired talented designers to develop custom art to adorn the outside of the bottles. And in 2011—with your help—we did it! We launched Liberty Works with our highly-sustainable, custom-printed, water bottles.

Since then, our production has grown immensely, and the people we serve are as diverse as our bottle designs—from small family-owned businesses to the White House. Perhaps, we’ll even be the first metal water bottle used in outer space! 

We strive to be a zero-waste company. Our products are made from recyclable materials and our facility has recycling stations in the office and at every stage of production. We donate any bottles with manufacturing imperfections to homeless shelters, schools, or charities.