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Wool Dryer Balls — 3 Pack

Ditch Your Dryer Sheets. These Are Better.
Seriously, you'll never want to use a dryer sheet again. These 100% organic wool balls are the best we've tested. They hold together well and have absolutely no smell. They are chemical and fragrance free making them safe for sensitive skin, especially babies. Throw them in your dryer and let them do their job which is to... naturally soften your fabrics by quietly bouncing around and loving your fabrics with lanolin— a natural anti-static and softener. They'll reduce your dry time (10-25%) by absorbing moisture and helping to move your fabrics around (like the old tennis ball trick). Plus, they're reusable, again and again, saving you money. 3 per set. 

  • 100% organic wool 
  • Zero fillers 
  • Cruelty Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No NPE, synthetics, or chemicals
  • No fragrances 
  • Naturally softens all fabrics
  • Naturally antImicrobial
  • Naturally reduces static
  • Reduces drying time = saves energy
  • Reusable = saves money
  • Excellent for cloth diapers, baby clothes, delicate materials, bedding, towels, etc.
  • Safe for all dryer types
  • Made in USA 

Disposable dryer sheets and fabric softeners which may contain chemicals, VOCs, and synthetic fragrances. 

Each order includes 3 dryer balls.

  • Dogs and playful kitties love them and will do anything to steal them from your laundry. You've been warned. As long as you supervise, these make great toys. 
  • These wools balls are naturally unscented, so if you prefer a scent, you can put a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on them. In the summer, a few drops of essential citronella oil helps ward off the bugs without making you smell like bug spray.
  • Use 1 to 3 balls in your dryer. More if you washing a comforter or winter parka. Some say you can use them 1,000 loads; our cat steals them before that happens.

100% Organic Wool. 

Recyclable brown paper bag. 

Made in the USA in Kentucky from sheep living the good life and a maker who knows what she's doing. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anonymous (Seattle, US)
Simple and super useful

These dryer balls are great! I've really appreciated the ways its cut down on the time it takes our dryer to do its work. My family loves to add a little lemon essential oil to these little fellas. It invites sweet spring memories into our home when we do laundry.

What a great idea to use lemon essential oil. Another tip: If you're heading out for a hike, through your hiking/camping clothes in with citronella or other natural shield essential oils to deter bugs! Thanks for taking the time to write in!

Judi S. (Rochester, US)

The wool dryer balls are awesome! My clothes come out of the dryer smelling good, soft, not static and with less dryer time spent🌟 That is a win, win, win 🎉

Thank you for your review! We agree. And this particular dryer ball is Made in the USA (Kentucky) using local wool from happy sheep!

Karin S (Pound Ridge, US)
Thank you!

Love these drier balls! Have had them for almost two years and they’re still doing their job keeping our clothes soft and reducing drier time. They make me smile every time I see them. I give them as gifts now!

Yay! You made our day. We love them too! Particularly because they're made in the USA (by a woman-owned business) from Kentucky wool in a way that is healthy and sustainable for all. You can also add a few drops of your favorite organic essential oil to lend a subtle scent to your laundry. In the summer we recommend peppermint because it deters ticks or citronella for the mosquitoes. Thanks so much!

Renate WIrth (Fairport, US)

Have not used yet

We love that you reviewed your first impression before even using them. That's saying something about these dryer balls! They are clean smelling, sort of fun to hold, and ready to do their softening job and dry your clothes faster. Thank you!

MEG (Bastrop, US)
Wool Dryer Balls Work!

These dryer balls greatly reduce the wrinkles in light cotton fabrics as in T Shirts. They keep a big load of King Size Sheets from lumping together and they speed up the drying time.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to share. It helps us know what the world likes... so we're not drunk on our own nectar. These dryer balls also hold together, which we love. Here are some tips... you can always wash them to freshen them up or add a few drops of essential oil to scent your load. Some say a safety pin is helpful if your dryer is prone to static cling. We haven't needed it. And don't worry if they grey with use, they just take on lint from your clothes. Thanks again!