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22 Ways You Can Help The Environment in 2022

June 24, 2022

22 Ways You Can Help The Environment in 2022

A good checklist of tips that helps us help the environment is oh so useful! One Tree Planted recently inspired us with their list of 22 Ways To Help The Environment in 2022:

01 Learn how to store produce
02 Keep plastic out of the kitchen
03 Utilize public transportation
04 Wash only the essentials
05 Unplug energy suckers
06 Start meal prepping
07 Fix broken items instead of tossing them
08 Make a sustainable period product swap
09 Do a deep clean of your closets
10 Use renewable energy
11 Be an environmental activist in your community
12 Conduct a trash audit
13 Get inspired by changemakers
14 Go paperless when possible
15 Volunteer your time
16 Make a donation
17 Ditch the dairy
18 Change bad habits
19 Lead the next generation
20 Be water conscious
21 Invest in green energy
22 Hold brands accountable

Download this handy checklist to hang on your fridge or at your work desk and keep track of how many good things you're doing already and how many more you can strive to make a habit this year.

Checklist: 22 Things You Can Do To Protect The Environment in 2022

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