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RocStarts Feature

June 30, 2020

RocStarts Feature

Sending a huge thank you to for featuring What's Good in a recent online article. What is It is an informational resource for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region. 

If you're a wannabe or budding or established entrepreneur, you'll want to check out In the meantime, here's a little press for What's Good. 

What’s Good launches the recycled goKey™ 
By Jill Kemp 

Opening doors is a little easier and a little safer now, thanks to startup company “What’s Good” and its new germ-free door opener, “goKey.”

The new door openers are created in Rochester from plastic that is actually 100 percent recycled from milk jugs and left over after another product is manufactured. It is a less expensive and eco-friendly approach. At $5.98, the goKey costs much less than other options available online, which retail at $20 or more.

goKey is sturdy enough to open heavy doors, carry lots of grocery bags, and push elevator buttons. It can hang on a key ring or a lanyard. In addition, goKey can turn on light switches, touch ATM buttons, hold restaurant take-out bags, check mailboxes, turn on hand dryers, click on toilet and sink handles, and of course, open bathroom stall doors. It can be tossed in the dishwasher for cleaning.

What’s Good founder Jennifer Young said the product came together quickly.

“Once we confirmed a local company could make it… we brainstormed a name, my husband made the logo, and voila,” she said.

Although the door openers were offered in response to COVID this Spring, the What’s Good company has been online since October 14, 2019. The site offers eco-friendly products for household use, self-care, and baby products and can be found at Since the website launched, there has been substantial growth.

“Many consumers want to shop from environmentally and socially conscious brands,” said Young, “but they are limited by choice and challenged by inconvenience. Our products help you protect your family and the environment.”

She added, “The reality is that I want more good in the world. I want to offer products that are good for you and are good for your children.”

Corporate responsibility is important to Young and her company.

“I give 1% back to the planet,” Young said. “That’s my minimum. Then, in a few years, when we have revenue in the millions, there will be so much more we can do.”

Check out the website for What’s Good, get a goKey, and watch as it continues to grow.

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