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Support Ukraine

February 24, 2022

Support Ukraine

As we write this, we're nearly 24 hours into Putin's illegal invasion into the independent country of Ukraine. 

Maybe because our own democracy seems fragile, maybe because I grew up with Ukrainian friends, maybe because the people of Ukraine freely elected their government, maybe because the people of Ukraine are human beings just like you and me... and because we have a small platform to show our support. If you would like to show your support... we've compiled a short list of charities for you to explore. We encourage you to read through and explore and donate. If you find other reputable places to donate that we don't have listed, please send us a note or mention it in the comments. AND PLEASE, use your power here in the USA and vote. In little local elections—and big national elections. You matter. 

Red Cross Ukraine

Obama Foundation Suggests Support for These Organizations

UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by Global Giving

Save The Children Fund

Revived Solidiers Fund

International Medical Fund

International Rescue Fund

Help Ukraine - Sting Video


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