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October 14 — National What's Good Day!

October 14, 2021 2 min read

October 14 — National What's Good Day!


What is National What’s Good Day?
We believe the world needs more GOOD. With all the chaos and negativity in the world, wouldn't it be GOOD to have a day where we recognize what’s good around us? From the smallest of good things in our day to your biggest wins. Maybe we share it, maybe we keep it to ourselves. Either way, the action of recognizing the good around us creates more good, IOHO. Imagine if everyone did it on this one day? Imagine if it became a habit?

Why October 14?
A bunch of reasons: October 14 is an auspicious day for What’s Good because it’s Jennifer's late mother’s birthday. She chose to launch the business on this day to bring us good luck. Read her story 

This year, as we celebrate all that the What’s Good team has done and is planning to do, we didn’t want our anniversary to be self-congratulatory. We wanted this day to mean a little more. So while our name is in the title, it’s not about us. It’s about what’s good in the world. Let’s celebrate together.

Is National What’s Good Day official?
It is to us. And it may well be official, official soon! If you can believe it, there’s actually a procedure to certify a nationally recognized day, week, or month. Of course, we submitted an application to make it legit, but we’ll celebrate it every year from now on, anyway.

Share your good on our FB or Instagram page or send us an email, and we’ll share it. Who knows… maybe someday our list of good will be so long they’ll enter us into the Guinness Book of World Records.🙂

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