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All Shades of Green Welcome

November 15, 2019

All Shades of Green Welcome

"Many Shades of Green" is an expression we use at What’s Good. It reminds us that every individual is at a different point in his/her journey. To paint the point, Benjamin Moore lists nearly 700 shades of green paint on their website, and that's just paint. It's a significant number but really it pales in comparison to how many different types of shoppers are navigating toward healthier products.

Some of our customers and team members are super green and socially conscious, while others are just starting to explore. Some are in it for the health benefits, some are trying to less harm to the planet. We think this is great. Furthermore, Shades of Green doesn't just refer to people, each of our product manufacturers is a different shade of green, too. Some are making amazing products but haven’t yet established a sense of greater responsibility, while others do a little of both, and still others are leading the movement. The bottom line is that there is always something to learn, always something to improve on.

To that end, What’s Good does NOT preach or shame or make folks feel guilty… it’s our intention to help people from all walks of life learn and connect with products and companies that are doing good. We strive to make shopping convenient, simple (no memberships or forced subscriptions), and to offer enough possibilities that no matter your comfort zone or budget, you'll find something good. So welcome, one and all. We’re in this together, and we look forward to growing greener with you. 

Here's fun read all about the color green from Wikipedia.
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