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Natural Citronella Candle in Concrete Cup

Don't Get Bugged By The Bugs.

Perfect for when you're lounging in the great outdoors. These all natural citronella candles are handcrafted with an exclusive blend of beeswax, soy wax, and pure essential oils of lavender, citronella, and cedarwood — making them highly effective against mosquitoes. Presented in a modern and sturdy 6.5 oz. concrete cup that is 3.5" tall x 3" wide. Heck yes, you can repurpose it; the label in the photo readily peels off. 
P.S. Before you say, hey that's expensive. Remember, this cutie is made from all natural ingredients and handmade in the USA by folx that care. 


  • Naturally smokeless, and burns clean
  • 30 hour burn time
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic
  • No petroleum, lead, or metal
  • Wicks are 100% cotton and have been primed with beeswax (not paraffin) 
  • Supports sustainable beekeeping
  • Natural process using no chemicals and very little energy, filtered via natural clay process that cleans the wax of impurities, yet allows the wax to retain its inherent color and aroma
  • Reuse the concrete vessel with a fresh votive candle; or repurpose as a bud vase or office supply organizer
  • Produced by hand in small batches in Seattle, Washington

Drippy, fast burning, soot producing, petroleum-based, fragrance-infused candles.


NET WT. 6.5 oz
Size: 3.5" h x 3" w
For best results and to get approximately 30 hours of burn time...

Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting.
Burn at least 2 hours per lighting.
Place on heat resistant surface.
Allow 10 minutes to cool before touching.
Recommended for outdoor use only. 

HINT: You'll want to reuse this cool concrete cup after, so you may want to pull the candle out before you burn it and place a few drops of oil or a little wax paper or parchment underneath it. This way, when the candle is depleted, you can remove the dregs easily. 

    All natural, biodegradable ingredients.

    Active ingredients: lavender essential oil 1.25%, citronella essential oil 0.63%, cedarwood essential oil 0.62%.

    Inactive ingredients: beeswax 48.75%, soy wax 48.75%.

    Wicks are 100% cotton, primed with beeswax, not paraffin.

    Concrete vessel with paper wrapper. 

    Beeswax sourced locally in Washington for sustainably managed apiaries. All candles manufactured in Seattle, Washington, USA.

    From the beginning, Big Dipper has been committed to the well-being and satisfaction of our customers, beekeepers, and community. Big Dipper is a Green America Approved Business. Green America's thorough screening process, which takes into account the social and environmental practices of a business, offers third party verification of our commitment to the community and to the environment. 

    Big Dipper is committed to giving back to the community in a way that will ensure healthy ecosystems for years to come. Charitable efforts are focused on three main areas: Education, Research, and Sustainability.

    Big Dipper is committed to supporting a vibrant community of customers, beekeepers, and bees. To that end, 5% of the net profits from all candle sales is donated to organizations dedicated to outreach, education, and sustainability efforts devoted to promoting sustainable beekeeping. Big Dipper also supports a variety of local groups including schools, sports organizations, animal shelters, and health research organizations.

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