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Compostable Plates - 20 Pack

Made From Wheat, Not Trees.
As if being made from renewable plant fiber (discarded wheat straw) wasn't awesome enough, these 9" plates are compostable and sturdy. Great for mounds of hot and cold food. Plus, they are soak proof, freezer safe, and have no wax or plastic lining.

World Centric® authentically demonstrates its commitment to the greater good: 25% of their profits! are donated to social & environmental causes. AND, their 100% carbon offsets support socio-economic development. 


  • Made from wheat straw (not trees)
  • Requires less energy and produces less carbon emissions to make
  • Durable & soak proof
  • No wax or plastic lining
  • Compostable (backyard or commercial facility)
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Unbleached
  • Microwave & freezer safe
  • World Centric® is an amazing company that authentically cares for the greater good: 25% of their profits! donated to social & environmental causes.

These 9" plates come in packs of 20. 
Bulk orders available by request

Styrofoam plates! Can you believe stores still sell these? AND that we as consumers still buy them? There's not enough time here (watch for blog post) but it's bad stuff: benzene and styrene leach into your foods, it doesn't break down even though it's blown and strewn across the globe and it's highly toxic to make. 

Plastic plates! For example, many are made from thermoplastic polystyrene, a moldable plastic (petroleum) that's cheap to produce but also one of the more difficult plastics to recycle, if folks recycle. Many community recycling programs don't accept this type of plastic. And it's plastic! We can do better, read F**k Plastic.

These plates take less energy to make and produce fewer carbon emissions than conventional disposable plates. 

Annually renewable wheat straw, an agricultural waste. Conventional versions are made from tree-based paper or Styrofoam. These plates take less energy to make and produce fewer carbon emissions than conventional disposable plates. 

100% compostable wrap and label.

Responsibly made in China. Note: World Centric donates 25% of its profits and supports 100% carbon offset.

B-Corp, USDA Biobased Product, Certified Compostable by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), USDA Certified Biobased Product,  Green America Approved Business.

Mission: To be of service to people and the planet. Vision: We see a future where everyone’s basic needs are met with a beneficial impact on the environment. Brand Promise: We produce high quality, plant-based compostable products that look great, perform well and contribute to reducing waste and suffering.Core Values: Community: We are family. We act in service to each other and all life. Integrity: Practice what we preachWe are ethical and honest in all we do. Excellence: Strive to thrive. We strive to do our best now and continuously improve.

When we are young, we think the whole world revolves around us - that is Ego Centric. As we grow, we connect with people who share our same religion or traditions - that is Ethno Centric. When we expand that connection to care about everyone on the planet - that is WORLD CENTRIC.”- Ken Wilber

Customer Reviews

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MEG (Del Valle, US)
Sturdy Plates

I am very happy with these 9" compostable plates. They are much more sturdy than your typical paper plates. I rarely use disposables but needed these for an event. No spills no tip overs and happy to send them to compost.

We agree! And no trees were felled to make them! Thank you for sharing your experience!