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Marley's Monsters Facial Rounds Container

These hand made containers are perfect for storing (and showcasing) your reusable facial rounds. Its simple design fits any bath decor, from contemporary to mod to traditional. Each is carved out of a 3.5" x 3.5" Douglas Fir block and finished with a natural tung oil to highlight its unique color and grain. Pair with your favorite pack of Facial Rounds.

FUN FACT: Containers are made by Marley's dad. Marley is the founder's daughter and the inspiration for Marley's Monsters.


  • Functional
  • Smart Design
  • Plastic-free
  • Hand made in Eugene, Oregon
20 rounds fit perfectly, though you may be able to add a few more!
Dimensions: 3.5" X 3.5"

Locally sourced Douglas fir

Made in Eugene, Oregon, USA.


A BRING Rethink certified sustainable business. 

From Sarah (Marley and Fox's Mom) and founder of Marley's Monsters: 

"I started Marley's Monsters while on maternity leave from my career as an interior designer, waiting for the arrival of my first baby in January of 2013. I have always had a passion for making anything and everything, so I knew that I wanted to make Marley something special before she was born. I decided that this project would be a stuffed monster made with the fabric scraps I'd collected for years. I pulled my dusty sewing machine out of the closet and taught myself how to use it. I really hadn't sewn anything since I was a little girl and never fully understood the ins and outs of working a sewing machine. But after hard work, dedication and trial and error, Marley's first monster was born. After the monster I just kept going. I started making Marley everything she needed, always with sustainability and reusability in mind. Throughout the baby years, I tried product after product and learned what I liked and didn't like about each one before designing my own version. Every recommendation or new product request from my customers also helped us to grow into what Marley's Monsters is today."

Our sustainability mission is to implement creative and effective solutions to reduce our environmental impact. As a local manufacturer of reusable home goods, we've always kept sustainability in mind with our daily operations and production. The BRING Rethink program made us realize we have an opportunity as a local manufacturer to create lasting and impactful change in the industry. 

We're on the right track; we refuse and reduce so we have less to recycle in the first place and we're excited to keep improving.

Current practices:

  • We package and ship our products plastic-free, using recyclable and compostable materials instead
  • Efficient design helps us maximize fabric use, reducing our waste dramatically. Our core products are made with rounded corners to reduce scraps and we often design products from the scraps of existing ones. For example, our Washable Dusters are made with Cloth Wipe scraps!
  • We #thinkreusable. Our break rooms only have reusable dishes and flatware. Our bathrooms are stocked with reusable hand towels, UNpaper® towels and housemade hand soap
  • We divert our fabric waste by donating scraps to St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County and ENVIA Fashion where they are upcycled into new products like jewelry, hair accessories and more