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Free! Ship your order in a gently-used box & we'll plant a tree for you!


When you choose your order to be shipped in a gently used, clean box, you do even more good!

When you choose a gently-used box...

We peel off the stickers and let it do its job, again. Which means precious resources are saved. Recycling involves more transport, more resources to break it down, more resources to manufacture a new product, and more transport back to us. 

You help reduce dependence on trees. With the rise in online sales, there’s been a greater need for cardboard. While it’s typically a mix of new and recycled material, your box still requires the felling of trees. Lots of trees. And other resources like water, energy, and costs of transport. 

You help plant new trees. Instead of spending a dollar to buy a brand new box, we will put that same dollar into planting more trees. We've partnered with One Tree Planted for lots of reasons, especially because in addition to their gloval focus, they also plant trees in North America.

Rest assured, it's clean. All of our gently used packaging options are clean, never used for food, and still in their prime. We wouldn't use them otherwise.

In all honesty you should know, we reserve the right to make the choice for you. We use the smallest possible container for your order so we're not unnecessarily shipping air, sometimes we don't have that size in a new box, and you'll receive a gently used box anyway. And vice-versa. In the latter case, if you selected a gently-used box, we still plant a tree for you if we send your order in a new box.

So there you have our weird, gently-used box story. Let us know if you have questions.