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    August 11, 2021 1 Comment

    HiBAR dry shampoo

    There is so much to talk about when it comes to HiBAR shampoo & conditioner bars. We thought it would be helpful to put everything we know in one place. Here! First, a short QVC style video about our experience with the products. If you've already watched it and still have questions, scroll down for a list of commonly asked HiBAR questions and answers. Why? Because we understand it's not easy to break free of your traditional hair care routine to try something different—and better. But you'll be glad you did.

    And if you make it to the bottom...there's a limited time discount for 15% off EVERYTHING in our Hair Care Collection.


    What types of bars do you sell at What's Good?
    We sell the entire HiBAR Collection which includes shampoo & conditioner
    Moisturize Fragrance-Free
    Sampler Packs with one each: Volumize, Maintain, Moisturize

    What's the difference between HiBAR and soap?
    Soap and shampoo are chemically very different. Soap is pretty bad for your hair. HiBAR is genuine shampoo and conditioner, just like the good stuff you use right now, only with the water removed. Because there's already water in your shower, right?

    Is HiBAR color-safe?
    Yes, all our products are 100% safe for colored or treated hair.

    Does HiBAR contain sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or silicones?
    No, none of the above.

    Is HiBAR tested on animals?
    No. In fact, we are proud to announce that are have received Leaping Bunny certification.

    Is HiBAR vegan?
    Our Moisturize Bars, Volumize Bars and Fragrance-Free Bars are totally vegan. But our Maintain Bars and Soothe Bars do contain a trace amount of honey.

    How long does one HiBAR last?
    It really depends on the length and thickness of your hair and how often you wash. We like to be conservative on this, rather than overpromise, so we say that a HiBAR shampoo bar lasts AT LEAST as long as a 16oz bottle, and our conditioners last even longer.

    Does it lather?
    Yes! Apply HiBAR shampoo directly to your very wet hair, massaging into your scalp and roots until you feel a good lather. (Remember, lathering is not really a measure of how a shampoo is working.) Rinse thoroughly.

    How do I apply the conditioner?
    Apply HiBAR conditioner directly to your very wet hair, paying special attention to the mids and ends. Because HiBAR is water free, it will not ‘flood’ your hair like a regular liquid. All it takes is a light coating – apply the conditioner until you feel a light slip between your fingertips and your hair. Let the conditioner soak in for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

    How do I store HiBAR?
    Just the same way you'd store any bar soap in your shower — dry, away from direct water. And we designed HiBAR so it can sit upright, helping it shed any moisture. You could also put it in a soap saver bag and let it hang dry.

    How can I tell between the shampoo and the conditioner? 
    Having no packaging makes it a bit more difficult, but most people get the hang of it quickly. The shampoos are always more pale, and mottled in texture. The conditioners are always a more intense or darker color, and have a very smooth texture.

    Is HiBAR natural?
    Yes, we're using almost entirely plant-based ingredients. We're all about getting rid of nasty chemicals. Plus, we hope to one day be accepted into the most demanding natural stores and co-ops, and so we're formulating our products with that happy far-off day in mind.

    Is HiBAR gluten-free?
    Yep. Totally gluten-free.

    What colorings do you use for HiBAR?
    All HiBAR pigments are all natural and approved by Cosmos and Ecocert.

    What does HiBAR smell like?
    HiBAR uses a blend of essential oils and other plant based ingredients to give HiBAR a gentle citrus aroma. It's just enough to give your shower a refreshing feel, but not so strong that it's going to cling to your hair. NOTE: Because the fragrance is from essential oils, the aroma is strongest when the bar is first removed from the packaging, and will soften as the bar is left out in the open.

    Here is the list of our essential oils: Lime Peel Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Lemon Peel Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Ginger Root Oil.

    Is there a Fragrance-Free version?
    Yes, Fragrance-Free Moisturize.

    Will HiBAR turn to mush in my shower?
    No, not if you store it correctly, out of standing water, and away from direct spray from the shower.

    Is HiBAR packaging recyclable?
    Yes. In fact it's compostable as well. HiBAR also uses plant-based inks. 

    How do I travel with HiBAR?
    HiBAR is a great travel-mate. No spill, lightweight, compact, and no hold-ups getting through security. While you can always pack your HiBAR in a hard, protective case, we find the best way to bring HiBAR along for the ride is this:

    1. Pat HiBAR dry before packing.
    2. Wrap HiBAR in a face towel.
    3. Stow away amongst your clothes.
    4. Go!

    Where is HiBAR made?
    Made with love in Minnesota, USA


    For colored hair?
    Great news… all HiBar products are color-safe! 

    Dry hair that can get frizzy and dull?
    Moisturize Shampoo and Moisturize Conditioner have rice protein to fortify your hair. If you’re washing often, try skipping the occasional wash and treat only with Moisturize Conditioner.

    Dry scalp that sometimes gets flaky?
    We'd recommend Soothe bars, specially formulated with willow bark extract (a natural source of salicylic acid) and kukui nut oil to help calm itchy, flaky scalps. All HiBar shampoos are made from a gentle surfactant that is less drying to your skin, so once you tame this issue, try a HiBar that's right for your hair type.

    TIP: As you’re washing, make sure you exfoliate, giving your scalp a thorough massage with your fingertips.

    Oily hair that needs to be washed often?
    Oily hair can come from life stage (younger people tend to have more active oil glands in their scalps) or even from washing too often. Look into either Maintain or Moisturize bars. The Maintain shampoo will definitely cut back on the oiliness, and you can always finish off with a Moisturize Conditioner to add back some hydration.

    Hair that takes on a lot of styling products like gels or oils?
    Throw in a regular treatment with our Maintain Shampoo and Maintain Conditioner. They clean gently but thoroughly, to get rid of any build up.

    Hair that’s oily at the roots but dry at the ends?
    We’d recommend either our Maintain bars or Moisturize bars, depending upon how often you wash. For more regular washing we’d start with the Moisturize bars, but make sure you give your scalp a thorough fingertip massage while you wash. If you’re washing more like every four or five days, try the Maintain Shampoo bar, and concentrate your washing to your roots (and, again, give your scalp a good working over with your fingertips.) In either case, for conditioning, concentrate the application of the conditioner on your middle and ends.

    Fine hair that looks a bit thin?
    Look at our Volumize bars. They contain rice proteins and Vitamin B to give more body and bounce to thin or fine hair.

    Curly or wavy hair?
    First, HiBar bars are all Curly-Girl method friendly. No sulfates or any other curly-unfriendly nasties. Then, our Volumize bars contain rice protein and Vitamin B5 to add definition to waves and curls. And our Moisturize bars are great at hydrating, keeping your hair at its curly best.

    Do I need transition time when switching to bar shampoo? 
    Most people switch to HiBAR without any transition time. But for some, it can take a week or two for your scalp to adapt to the sulfate-free formulas.

    Hair that gets progressively more dry?
    HiBar conditioner bars are excellent at co-washing. That is, once in a while, don’t shampoo at all, just use one of our conditioner bars. They each contain a tiny bit of surfactant, so they do have some cleaning capability, but not enough to interrupt with the conditioning process.

    Hair that doesn't fit any of these categories?
    There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching products. For example, having a Maintain bar on hand for an occasional deeper cleaning can work wonders. Experiment with how often you wash. For example, sometimes, oily hair can be the result of TOO MUCH washing!


      Hopefully, we've convinced you to ditch your plastic bottles for these color-safe, zero-waste, plastic-free, salon-quality hair care bars a try. Even though they are already a great value, here's your 15% off code: HIBAR15
      Good for all products in our Hair Collection. Expires 8/16/21

      Wait, what? You have more questions? 
      No problem. Send them on to us, here

      1 Response

      Jack J Costantino
      Jack J Costantino

      August 15, 2021

      You’re AMAZING….so PROUD of you and impressed with your tenacity during the toughest times for ALL BIZ….NO SURRENDER! Would be great to see you “before they slam the lid”…not getting younger in New Joisy…;););)

      Enjoyed your VID….ordering shampoo stix for Ev today….HUGS…j.

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