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If You Care Dishwasher Tabs

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Mineral & Plant Derived Ingredients.
This super-concentrated dishwasher tab brings you all the convenience of a traditional tab with none of the chemicals, added dyes or fragrances. Just a potent blend of mineral and plant derived cleaning ingredients—including powerful enzymes to get your dishes sparking clean. And because it's small (and mighty) it contributes to the reduction in emissions and energy consumption related to transport and handing due it its 45% to 55% reduced product weight. Less carbon footprint, less and less chemical detergents entering our waste water streams. Don't even get us started in comparing to liquid versions! Just 27 cents per tab. 
If you're not a tab kind of person, try our dishwasher powder


  • Free & Clear (no dyes or fragrances)
  • Mineral & plant derived
  • Biodegradable
  • Toxin-Free, No Phosphates, No Chlorine
  • Minimal Impact on aquatic life
  • Safe for septic tanks and grey water
  • Not tested on animals
  • No need to unwrap — water-soluble film
  • Reduced emissions, energy consumption, CO2, packaging

Use in place of large pods and liquid soap containing harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances and dyes. You don't want to eat or drink from dishes coated with these toxins nor do you want to drain them into your waste water. These small but powerful tabs contribute to reduced emissions and energy consumption related to transport and handling.

Each box contains 40 super-concentrated tablets for use with automatic dishwashers. Each tab is wrapped with a water-soluble film. No need to unwrap.

Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Citrate, TAED, Sodium Polyacrylate, Deceth-6, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Subtilisin, Ceteareth-25, Bentonite, Amylase, Acrylic/Sulphonic Acid Copolymer, Simethicone


Made in Italy.

Made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Board Processed Chlorine-Free (PCF). 

If You Care brand was created in 1990 and started with unbleached coffee filters. If You Care had the first and only unbleached coffee filters in North America at that time. Parchment Baking Paper and Baking Cups soon followed, both unbleached as well. There was no other brand in the North American market offering brown chlorine-free paper products.

If You Care products are produced with a view to reducing the amount of waste in our waste streams. If possible, nothing should remain after the product has been used and properly disposed of. The packaging is made from unbleached recycled cardboard or paper which should be recycled again.

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Customer Reviews

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Leslie A Brown (Pittsford, US)
Great product

We’ve tried several dishwashing detergent and these are excellent. No water spots. No leftover soap

And so compact. 40 loads never stored so easily. Thanks so much for taking a moment out of your day to share.