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Reusable Silicone Lids — Set of 6
Kiran Rizvi (Stafford, US)
Excellent product

Exactly what I wanted. Silicon, stretchable and perfect sizes.

Thank you so much for writing in! We agree and add that we think they're a good value product to have on hand. Did you notice the smiley face?

Best reusable filter!

The best I’ve ever used, and I’ve used a lot of kinds. I always went back to paper. Not now! These are perfect: two layers of broadcloth with a drip time through the coffee that is practically perfection! They are easy to clean and seem to dry really quickly. Even so, I bought four so I’d always have a dry one. You can’t go wrong—they are brilliant! Much better than the metal ones.

First, thank you for the review. We think they're great too. Second, love your kitchen! Happy Coffee!

Soap Lift — Rectangle
Andrea Hansen (Brooklyn, US)
It Works!

Soap Lift blue rectangle fits into the decor, fits the budget and saves our bar soap from "slurming" after use, allowing soap to dry. Nice compliment to guest- and perfumed cosmetic bar soap. Who knew?

Yay! Thank you for the review and for giving us 'Slurming'... our new word of the month!

Lovely soap and conditioner.

This shampoo does an excellent job, has a pleasant mild smell and lasted comparably to a regular bottle of shampoo. The conditioner I was especially impressed with, does a great job and outlasted the shampoo bar by three months!(seriously)

Danica, thank you for the review. It's a scary swap to make at first, but 99% of our customers who try this bar shampoo/conditioner feel the same. Eco + Efficacy + Value + USA Brand!

Cats' Christmas Catnip

Gifted these to my two cats and my sister's cat. All of them hugged these kicker toys, and the scent was still smell-able days after. Not having fillers inside is making the toy last, and for the price this toy is a steal. Hoping What's Good will construct these using other fabric patterns to gift to my friends' cats for other occasions!

Mewow! Such a fun review. Thank you for this (and other reviews)! We do have them in other fabrics! These were just a special assortment for the holidays. Also... we carry the same nip in bulk so you can make and gift your own toys with spare fabrics or to refill.

Reusable Organic Coffee Filters #2
Amy Sanford (Rochester, US)
Easy to use and clean

Some "clean" swaps are more labor intensive. This one is a very easy switch. Never going back to paperm

Amy! Yes, one green switch at a time. Super-glad you tried it and like it! Thank you for writing in.

Zellies All Natural Gum — Peppermint
Leslie A Brown (Pittsford, US)
Love this wonderful shop

A hidden treasure is how I would describe this wonderful shop. We popped in for some last minute holiday gifts and were delighted with the wonderful assortment of items. Zellies all natural gum, fabulous oils and vinegars plus my new favorite scrub cloths. It is also a pleasure to see Jennifer!

Leslie! Such a sweet review. It means the world coming from you! And it's just the recharge this eco-preneur and team needed to kick start the year!

Cotton Food Wraps — Set of 3
Gi Lo (Somerset, US)
Packing Lunch is Fun Again!

The prints make me forget these are for food as they are so pretty! The button loop closure is easy for the weak fingers on my one hand due to nerve damage. I used to be discouraged from packing lunch and snacks due to plastic baggies so I stopped, and now I am motivated to bring healthy snacks and food to work with these bags. The different patterns make it easy to distinguish what bag has what food.

Gi, You discovered a whole new benefit to these wraps that we hadn't thought of. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Happy snacking.

Roots Motif Tray
Lori Mulligan (Fairport, US)

I have given these as gifts and the recipients are always amazed at their unique beauty. Such a special product!

Lori, thanks so much for writing a review. We think these trays are so cool, it's great to know you do, too.

Sustainable and Useful Spray Bottle !

Cobalt blue makes this a fun spray bottle when cleaning and the 16oz fl size is generous. The silicone bottom which I purchased separately from the site will prevent cracks and breakage. Glad I found this item here as someone who makes her own natural cleaning solution.

Gi, Thank you for writing in. The blue IS fun! Totally agree. We'd love to know your favorite DIY recipes for cleaners. AND, let us know what kind of silicone sleeve you bought, we're always on the look out for new products, especially if they're tried and true by our customers.

Handmade Basket Purse
Tina Jarvis (Worcester, US)
Wow! Such a beautiful handmade woven purse!

Such a surprise when I received the small woven handmade purse, I could not believe how well made and durable it is. It is such a cute purse and I know it will be a complete staple in my life for many years to come. I highly recommend these purses and hope to purchase another one in the near future!

Awesome review. Thank you for taking the time to share how much you like it. We think these baskets, small and large, are fabulous but it's so good to know you think so too!

Meliora Plastic-Free Dish Soap Bars
Louise Laiacona (Rochester, US)

I love this product. I would also add the holder that it sits on. I went to the store and bought more for little party gifts and Jennifer wrapped them for me. In recycled clothes patterns!

Louise! You picked such a cool party gift for your friends. So many of us have enough 'stuff' that a gift like this helps educate and makes for a great conversation. Thank you for choosing us!

Eco Friendly Happy Birthday Banner
M. B. (Los Angeles, US)
I love it!

I love that it's made from board books.

M.B. Thank you for the review! We agree 100%! Plus, because they can't be recycled, re-using them makes these all the more special. We have custom letters, too, so you can make your own banners or customize a pre-made banner.

Dish Sponge & Brush Holder
Lori (Auburn, US)
Awesome brush holder

Delighted to find a brush holder that wasn’t plexiglass but granite. Nice look on countertop!

Lori! Anytime we can inspire delight is a good day. Thank you so much for writing in.

NYC Life — 1000 Piece Puzzle
Melanie (Pittsford, US)
Completed with my 8 year old

My family visited NYC over Labor Day weekend and had a great time! When my puzzle loving 8 year old and I were visiting the What's Good shop, we thought this puzzle looked like a lot of fun. With so many bold colors and patterns, we picked parts we wanted to do and went to work. I think it took us 2 weeks to complete in small chunks of time.

There's something really special about hunkering down and doing a puzzle with your kid -- little or grown. So glad this puzzle provided together time. We'll have more puzzles in the spring. Thanks so much for writing in!

Who doesn’t love bulldogs???

This design is so adorable—perfect for my many
dog-loving friends and family! I also love that it’s made from recycled paper, is 100% recyclable, made in the US, and with old newspaper presses that would otherwise be gathering dust. It’s also a woman-owned biz. The sheets are very big and can accommodate many size packages. I also like that there are two designs to choose from, which can be used separately or together. Seriously love this wrapping paper!!!

SLB! Some lucky dog is getting a lovely gift! These photos say it all, but your review is next level. THANK YOU!

Bread Loaf Bag — Denim or Gold
Ellen R (Cape May Court House, US)
Pretty design and well-made bread bag

I highly recommend this product for its design and making.

Ellen, Thank you so much for writing in. We agree 100%. These bags can be used in so many ways, and make a great gift, too. Especially if they're pre-filled with homemade or special baked goods!

Tranquility Stoneware 100% Beeswax Candles
Gerry Lisa Reimer (Spanish Lookout, BZ)
Not my smell

Don't like smell of candle, but delivery is good and a lot of small gifts, so nice))

If only we had smell-o-vision! We do our best to describe, but it's often not enough. And even when we smell things in person, a scent can be different once in play. It was very nice of you to leave 5 stars anyway! We hope you will consider visiting us again. And if ever you have any questions, we'd be happy to chat via email. We did have a customer who once emailed about the rewined candle scents, we called her and did our best to describe scents over the phone! LOL. Thanks again.

Soap Lift — Rectangle
Laurie (Chicago, US)
Helpful in my new shower

I had a new shower installed. It has lots of shelves but none have a ledge. My soap was always falling off. This is great at keeping it in place and neither sops or lift slide off. Still allows air circulation and the soap dries.

Laurie, Such a great use for a soap lift. Thank you for sharing. And glad to know you're using bar soap!

All Good Goop — 1 oz
Laurie (Chicago, US)

I received this product in a subscription box at one time. I was glad to find it here. Hood on heat rash and other rashes I had. Healed it up quickly.

Laurie, It makes us so happy that you chose to buy your All Good Goop from us, especially since we know you have choices. (We sound like an airline!) We are currently out of stock, but should have more soon. In the mean time , check out Honeoye Remedies Skin Balm made specifically for healing skin. Thank you!

Dish and Pot Scrubber
A Happy Customer (Danvers, US)
Best Scrubber

I love this short brush for washing or scraping pots, pans and dishes. I have my dish soap in a ramekin and put the brush in there. Very convenient!

Thank you 'A Happy Customer' for this nice review. Apologies for taking so long to respond. Such a good idea about the ramekin!

Carbon Neutral Order
Trudy Joyce (Laguna Beach, US)

The What's Good Team seems to make the most of every action they take. I'm trying to emulate them. Each year on Giving Tuesday I give enough to receive the vendor samples. This is the perfect way for me to spread the good. The items I receive end up in the stockings or under the tree of friends and family members, along with a little introduction I write introducing What's Good and their mission. I have had some wonderful feedback on the products, along with notes of appreciation for introducing What's Good into their lives. If I also have What's Good cards offering savings or free shipping, I include one with each gift as an additional incentive to at least go online and take a look at the company. I hope What's Good continues to grow and prosper and inspire other like-minded people. I also appreciate the personal notes included with each of my orders!

Wow Trudy! Your kind words and thoughtful referrals are just the salve we needed. YOU GET US! We promise to keep striving to do more good, to offer more good products, and to make our community of shoppers feel valued. On behalf of the whole team, thank you, thank you for this review and for your efforts in spreading the word.

Easy to use!

We have found that laundry is much easier to do using these strips. No heavy bottles of liquid detergent to lift and store. Clothes are clean and with no fragrance to irritate our sensitive noses.

We agree. Such a great convenience and healthy for us and the planet. Thank you for sharing your experience. This little biz appreciates it.

Organic Socks that Fight Malaria
Kay O (Santa Fe, US)
Good Sock! Good Cause!

Really like the socks. I wear a women's size 7 shoe - they fit great.
I honestly need about $8 more to my order to get free shippingand decided the sock investment would be a good was!

You made our day! Lots more socks coming in next week, we had a run on many of our favorites. Thanks so much for taking a chance, and for taking the time to write in.

Mason Jar Science
Kristi Strubhart (Edmond, US)
Love this!

Ordered one with our grandson in mind. Ordering another for our granddaughter.

It's such a smart craft/science book. We are running low but will be ordering more. Thanks for writing in!